Day 3

We went to Ford Theater, where Lincoln was shot (in the booth behind me, above) and then headed across the street to the house where he died. The bed below is where he died. Very sad. But I did learn more about the story than I knew before, like the fact that John Wilkes Boothe was a famous actor, which is why they let him in to greet the president. So it would be like Brad Pitt shooting Obama…but that would never happen today.

Then we went to the Holocaust museum. I don’t have any pictures of that, but as you can imagine, it was sobering.

Day 2

On the second day we had tickets to go for a tour of the capitol building. Very cool!

Looking up in the dome of the capitol bldg

Listening to our tour guide

Hungry Jonah at the library of congress

Staring at Jonah again

Popsicles for lunch

Hard Rock Cafe for dinner

Lloyd family comes to visit…day 1

Nick’s family came to visit us for a week! We were so glad to have them and we had a ton of fun. They got here last Monday evening. Tuesday, we went to the air and space museum and the national history museum. Then we had Chipotle for dinner.

(above) At the air and space museum…admiring Jonah instead of all the cool airplanes

Oscar! At the national history museum

Kermit! Also at the national history museum…and in the same display were Dorothy’s ruby red slippers!

Natalie and Paul taking a break to admire Jonah again. We wore ourselves out pretty good by the end of the day…soooo much walking in DC!

Daddy time

Dear Nick…congratulations on your promotion from Private to Specialist last Friday! Sorry I couldn’t be there for the ceremony. I love you!
And thank you for all that you do Nick! You’re such a great dad, husband, provider, cook and friend!

Jonah’s very first bottle. (And he’s only had one other since!

Cody on a mission…

For those of you that know my brother Cody, he recently went into the MTC. If you would like to read all about his adventures I will be keeping up his blog at

Demolition Derby

We dressed up like hicks and went to the demolition derby. It was a blast! And Jonah Baby went to a babysitter for the first time!! THANKS Ariella!

Nick looks pretty cute!

These two cars (below) got stuck together…it was funny.

Yummy funnel cakes!

Our new friends Luke and Tiffany came with us.

I love my Hubby!

For the first time in the history of our relationship Nick managed to surprise me!

I definitely was not expecting a fruit arrangement on a random Thursday afternoon!
Thanks babe!