And our life in Utah begins…

August was an eventful month! We were finally getting settled into our new house (moved in at the beginning of July) and the boys started school! By boys I mean Nick and Jonah. I didn’t think I would get emotional about Jonah going to kindergarten┬ásince he has already been in Italian school for two years, but I found myself a little teary eyes as I watched him march off with his class. Cute boy. He was so excited that all the kids would speak ENGLISH! Check out all the Mom’s taking pictures, too cute.
IMG_20140826_092848 IMG_20140826_084227 IMG_20140826_083528

Sadly, I did not get a photo of Nick on his first day back to school. (And if I had managed to snap a photo he may not have allowed me to post it, in his words “what am I, 5?”) But here is a photo he took from the train station on one of his first days commuting. Nick was willing to take an 1.5 hour commute on the train (each way) in order for us to live in a nicer area and a house that we both liked.


Before school actually started, they had a school fair that we went to. The boys enjoyed it. Popcorn, balloons and games, what more could a kid need?

IMG_20140802_184535 IMG_20140802_184522

We decided it would be a worthy investment to buy a membership to the kids museum/dinosaur museum/ farm (Thanksgiving Point) that is 5 minutes from us. And so far, the kids have LOVED it.

IMG_20140825_110125 IMG_20140825_105738 IMG_20140825_102343

This photo is hard to see, but Jonah is going through lot’s of layers of bungees, it is super fun.

IMG_20140820_112200 IMG_20140820_112110 IMG_20140825_101905



And the joys of home ownership have begun….we have already replaced the dishwasher and built a pergola out back. When I say we I mean Nick.

IMG_20140823_134446 IMG_20140826_072119

I have to keep these energetic boys busy so they’ll sleep through the night! Or sometimes pass out in the living room in the day…haha.

Trip to Lake Coeur D’alene

Nick and I were able to get some time off work finally after our super crazy, long summer of working. We took the long journey north in August and spent some time at the lake with my family. It was our first time seeing Tyson in three years and we met his new girlfriend and her cute son, Carson. And our first time meeting Nicole’s three new additions (foster kiddos hopefully soon to be adopted kiddos: Bryson, Mackenzie and Marshall)
woodbury fam photo


We had a lot of fun. Jonah turned into a fish. I think he may have grown gills. He spent at least two hours a day in the water and could not get enough. We played on the boat and jet skis and spent lot’s of time just relaxing.


We also took a tour of the historic silver mines in Wallace, Idaho. And walked around the cute historic part of town there. (Which used to be known for it’s harlot houses apparently.)


We took a trip into “town” and hit up Chuck E Cheeses. The kids of course had a great time.



My Dad, Nicole and I did the Coeur d’alene triathlon. I was only able to do the sprint distance as this summer was super crazy and I did not have time to train much. But my Dad and Nicole did the Olympic. It was super fun to do this with family! We are already planning for our next one…right guys? And this time I’ll actually train.


download_20141122_210749 download_20141122_210801 download_20141122_210959 download_20141122_211005 IMG_20140809_091342


I almost didn’t post that last photo, but it’s too funny not too. I was excited to see my fans!