July 2014, Officially residents of Lehi

We bought a house and moved into it in July. Very exciting month! We moved to Lehi, Utah. Near the lake and the American Fork train station where Nick will commute up to the University of Utah every day. Our household goods arrived just in time for us to move in. Although our storage (which includes our  washer and dryer) has been a little bit harder to track down…it is a huge process trying to get stuff out of Army storage, so we will see how long that takes. Hopefully we can wash our clothes by August!

Now that we have officially closed on our house I have backed my hours down to part time, and Nick quit his night job and has taken on more hours at the University of Utah until school starts. We were going to try to keep doing as many hours as possible but we were both completely dead and when we worked out the numbers it wasn’t worth it.

We are so happy to be out of the Lloyds’ hair! I am sure they are happy too! We spent three months with them and will be forever indebted for their kindness in taking us in during our big transition.





We are loving the view of the Utah lake from across the street from our house.


Nick broke his thumb at work. Luckily it was covered by his work since it happened on the job. He dropped a server on it. Computer guys probably shouldn’t move the giant computers.


Playing at the Highland splash pad.



Fourth of July. We went to a neighborhood party and met a few neighbors. We also were able to watch a ton of fireworks just out our bedroom window. We could even see the big ones from Thanksgiving point, a big place that does fireworks, a little ways away.



Moving is hard work! We were pretty exhausted. Even though the movers bring the boxes to whichever room you want them too, unpacking is still tough.


Found the cutest little bug ever.


Discovered a bike trail that goes a long ways near our house, so pretty!


Went to “foam days”, a local Lehi tradition during rodeo week. (I had to work that day, boo).





And went to the water park as reward for our summer reading program.