My Birthday

Jonah refused to believe that it was my birthday and not his. That’s alright though because it’s got him thinking about his upcoming birthday which I am excited for. For my birthday we went out and ate calzones then went to our favorite Gelato shop right near our house and got one of their Gelato cakes that we have always eyed. They were super expensive though so we ended up with a really small one (this one was $10!) and Nick and Jonah had one bite each and let me eat the rest! It was deeeelicious!

Jonah’s teeth get acquainted with the slide

I know I’m a slacker about the blog lately, sorry about that. This one is just too good (bad??) to not share. Yesterday Jonah’s teeth decided to get to know the wooden rails of the little wooden slide on the playground a little better…have a look.

¬†And this morning, his poor little side of his face is swollen up to his eyeball! Poor little guy! He’s such a trooper too….

And yes, we did take him to the dentist, x-rays looked fine and the teeth are not wiggling at all. So for now, he’s “good to go”. Even though he might look ridiculous for a few years until he loses his baby teeth…

Hot springs with the ladies

Montegrotto Terme (hotsprings) with the ladies for Megan’s birthday. Apparently Italians MAKE you wear a swim cap so they don’t have to clean the hair out of the pool. Smart yet not so stylish.

Bassano Del Grappa

Super cute Italian town with a river and an old historic bridge. We wandered through the market, ate some yummy pizza and skipped rocks. Just a normal weekend for the Lloyd Family. Lovin this weather, it’s been around 70 and sunny!