December 2014

Happenings at the Lloyd house in December 2014:

Declan got a train table from Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury for his birthday. Delivered by Uncle Cuckoo. Thanks Mom! He loves it!

Declan cut his lip pretty good.


Declan actually swung on the swing without hating every second of it. This is a first for him!

IMG_20141204_160754 IMG_20141205_145855nopm

We went to the Christmas market at This is the place park and it was actually decent. There were even a few Italian vendors that I got to speak Italian to, some German sausage for dinner, handcrafted things and a great Santa! (Declan refused to get any closer to Santa, look at that expression!)

IMG_20141205_185118 IMG_20141205_190033 IMG_20141206_074755 IMG_20141210_171917

Their favorite spot in the curiosity museum these days is the “theater”. The kids can dress up, change the back ground, lighting and music. They march around the stage like crazy and try everything on, I love it (because I get to SIT and relax for a minute).


Jonah’s school did a “polar express” play for Christmas so we had to make him a “train”. This is the best I could do. Some of the trains were super fancy.


We went on a sleigh ride and sat on Santa’s lap at Riverwoods shops.


Wake up Daddy!

IMG_20141214_073143 IMG_20141216_145455 IMG_20141217_161726 IMG_20141217_164022 IMG_20141218_183541

Nick celebrated his first 4.0 for his first semester back to college. Way to go babe!


School santa got Jonah a little something he really wanted (with a little help form Mom, great idea on his teacher’s part!)


We took the boys to see the lights at temple square.

IMG_20141222_191404 IMG_20141222_191708 IMG_20141222_191727

We had Christmas eve and the Lloyd house. We have not had a Christmas at either of our family’s since Jonah’s very first Christmas, right before Nick deployed.

IMG_20141224_201032 IMG_20141224_201242

Christmas morning we did at our house. Gma and Gpa Lloyd came to us so we wouldn’t have to haul presents to their house.

IMG_20141225_071028 IMG_20141225_073156 IMG_20141225_073659

It even snowed on Christmas day, Jonah & Declan got to try out their new snow shovels from Grandma.


We then headed back over to the Lloyd house because they got a little more snow then us and they have sleds and an awesome sledding hill! Wahoo!! This would have been Declan’s first time sledding but I don’t think we ever managed to get him down the hill. Jonah loved it though.

IMG_20141225_154630 IMG_20141225_154722 IMG_20141225_165232 IMG_20141225_165920 IMG_20141225_172208

So fun to have Christmas near family again! Buon Natale!