So Jen, Jonah and I went sledding today! There aren’t too many great sledding hills around but we managed to find a couple that were pretty fun! Jonah LOVED it! I put together a little video to remember it, hope you like it!


This photo is to show you not only how wonderful my husband is (for bringing me beautiful roses on a random day…he totally surprised me and had amazing timing all at once.) But also to show you how silly my child is. See the bottom rose…look at the bottom right part of it…that my friends is a bite mark. He just had to see how it tasted. The picture doesn’t show it very clearly, but there is a definite bite out of my rose. Luckily he decided that did not taste so good and he spit it all out.

How to PCS

This is the first time that we have really PCSed (moved) with the military. So we are learning A LOT. Typically by the time we get information it’s too late. Everything is getting pushed back and back again. Italy is one of only three countries that requires not only an official government passport (for all of us) but also a visa. The amount of time that it takes to process those two things alone could put us into April by the time they are ready…and we’re supposed to be there March 10th. And then there is the paperwork. So much paperwork. The military is famous for it. Nick had to fill out a leave form the other day and it was six pages long…to get a day or two off!

So long story short, I’m ready to just be there. All this “getting there” stuff is not fun. Everyone always asks if I’m excited…I think I am, but it’s so hard to tell when I’m buried in papers and appointments that I don’t even understand….

New York, New York

What to do with a three day weekend? Go see the lovely miss Rachel in New York of course! Rachel hadn’t met Jonah yet and Nick and Spencer (Rach’s finace!) hadn’t met…so we had to get the crew together! Rachel and Spencer were wonderful hosts and tour guides. (They were sooo good with Jonah, I can’t wait until they have kids!) We walked through central park, went in the FAO schwartz toys, walked down wall street. We took the ferry to Ellis island and learned all about the great immigration and all the words that we use in the English that are actually from other languages because of what a melting pot we are…such as Slurp (dutch), Kerplunk (german?), bum (German), Schmuck (yiddish) and lot’s more. We enjoyed New York pizza for dinner (I didn’t really like it) and New York bagels for breakfast. It was a fun weekend!

$24,999 Barbie Foosball table…INSANE. FAO Schwartz is a bit expensive!

Christmas at Mount Vernon

We hit up Mount Vernon during the last few days of our Christmas “break”. They were having Christmas at Mount Vernon until January 6th, it was supposed to be decorated and christmasy. Pretty much all we saw was a live camel, the national turkey and one or two Christmas tress (there were supposedly about 10 of them). But it was fun to see Old George’s home on the river. And we had the privilege of seeing the third floor which is only open for six weeks out of the year.

George and Martha’s tomb.

The mansion on the potomac.

What will he do in Italy?

Many of you may be wondering or have already asked us what exactly Nick will be doing in Italy. He will be worked for the AFN- Armed forces network recording videos. So far Nick has mostly done photography but he is trained in videography as well. Here is a recent clip he put together for a company competition. It’s based on the arm wrestle scene from the old man and the sea.