June 2014

June happenings…

We found a house in Lehi Utah! We closed on our house and started moving a few things in at the end of the month, but are waiting for our household goods shipment (read: beds) to move in. So we spent June at the Lloyd house and working, working, working.

Nick actually got a second job, working at the University of Utah as a network operator. His plan is to quit working at vivint at the end of the summer and continue working at the U. It is the highest paying student job on campus so he is pretty excited about that, and it’s with computers, so it’s perfect. But for now he is working a full time night job and a part time day job, it’s a little crazy.

Nick took the kiddos to the Hogle zoo.
IMG_20140611_105810 IMG_20140611_110653 IMG_20140611_112437

Declan wants to be big and open the car door but can’t quite get it. We are so happy to have our car back! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson loaning us their jeep we were able to get jobs and work until our car arrived.


The boys love the jumping place.

IMG_20140616_103436 IMG_20140617_113853

Bean museum with Grandma.


Hanging out at the Lloyd house.

IMG_20140617_125928 IMG_20140622_153139 IMG_20140623_192708

Jonah is in love with the neighbor’s dog, Toby. We may have to get a dog in the near future.



And presenting…our new house!!! It was love at first sight. Probably because it has a bit of an Italian villa feel to it. (Not really…but maybe just a little tiny bit…it’s the entry way). The yard is in rough shape, but everything else it pretty good. It’s close to the train station so Nick will ride the train to the University of Utah every day. It’s a long commute but he loved this house and was willing to do the commute, so here we are!


IMG_20140628_120349 IMG_20140628_125339 IMG_20140628_131847nopm IMG_20140628_131907nopm IMG_20140628_131923nopm IMG_20140628_131956nopm IMG_20140628_132011nopm IMG_20140628_132029nopm IMG_20140628_132104nopm IMG_20140628_140827nopm