November 2014

Here’s what we were up to in November 2014:

IMG_20141101_112429 IMG_20141104_134854 IMG_20141104_190352


Declan actually ate broccoli for the first time. He’s a rather picky eater but it also depends on the day.


We spent some time at the curiosity museum, they love it.

IMG_20141108_113437 IMG_20141108_130230

We had a “beard party” for Nick’s 30th birthday. Can’t believe my man is 30! That means I am next… I managed to convince him to trim his beard using his beard trimmer that he got for his birthday. He is sad about it, I am happy. Something about getting out of the military makes men grow facial hair, all his ex army buds have done it too.

IMG_20141109_173916 IMG_20141109_180337 IMG_20141109_180404 IMG_20141109_194502 IMG_20141109_200911

Nick attended a veterans day assembly at Jonah’s school, so fun to honor the dad’s and grandpa’s. There was even a WWII vet, someones Grandpa.

IMG_20141111_100541 IMG_20141111_120349

Declan is perfecting his fits just in time for turning two.


Jonah had primary program. Daddy took him to practice and Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd came to watch.

IMG_20141115_101217 IMG_20141116_222056 IMG_20141120_165743

We are loving the park in our neighborhood. Lot’s of space to roam.


Declan getting his “frozen” on. He makes a cute Elsa if I do say so.

IMG_20141124_182912 IMG_20141125_165431

Jonah at gymnastics class, climbing the rope.


We had Thanksgiving at the Lloyd house. I had to work that day but arrived after work. Jonah was enthralled with the butter turkeys that Grandma made. And both the boys LOVED making graham cracker houses. We love going to Grandmas! It takes a lot of pressure of the holidays off of me when I don’t have to make it special for my boys all on my own (like I’ve always had to do).


We celebrated Declan turning TWO! We had a pizza party at Costco and also celebrated at Grandma’s house.

IMG_20141128_184107 IMG_20141130_173422

Declan is such a weird eater, he would not eat the pasta that Grandma made special for him. He would not even eat the special strawberry cupcakes she made for him. He did however eat the strawberry off the top of the cupcake.

IMG_20141130_173613 IMG_20141130_175650

Halloween 2014, Mario and Captain America

So let’s talk about Halloween 2014. The boy’s had a blast! Halloween is not a big thing in Italy, so we went a little overboard indulging in Halloween activities this year. A week before Halloween the community center had a Halloween party so we went to check that out, there were lot’ s of fun games and TONS of people.

IMG_20141024_182150 IMG_20141024_180113

We wanted to try out all the local trick or treat hot spots so we hit three of them. A car dealership with all the local businesses doing trunk or treat, main street businesses and our neighborhood. Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd joined us for neighborhood trick or treating, it was so much fun to have them along!

IMG_20141031_152235 IMG_20141031_160801 IMG_20141031_145354

Jonah had a parade through his hallways at school and then I helped with his school party as I am the room Mom, so I spent all day at his school. We had mummy dogs for dinner the night before Halloween, Jonah and Declan each made their own.


IMG_20141031_095059 IMG_20141030_182106

A few weeks before Halloween we went to Cornbelly’s for a good old fashioned corn maze and other fall activities. Jonah was not a fan of the corn maze as being lost is really not his favorite thing (we may have been lost a few too many times in Europe, haha).

IMG_20141030_170531 IMG_20141016_180538 IMG_20141016_180404 IMG_20141016_171201 IMG_20141016_164311 IMG_20141016_161129IMG_20141016_165510


Inside in October

We also spent some time inside in October. Getting to know our new nephew, Graham. Declan and Jonah just LOVE holding their cousin. Pure adoration on their faces, and Graham was a very good sport about it.









The family that reads together…it has been exciting to watch Jonah start to read. He loves to read to his little brother.


Making new friends. Declan is in love with the little neighbor girl names Isla. And Jonah has two new best friends that are ALL boy just like him, Jonah and Boston.





And a free day at the aquarium. The boys were in heaven.





Outside in October

October has been warm (for October) and beautiful! We have done our best to get outside every chance we get. We hiked to Rocky Mouth falls:

Drove the Alpine loop to see the beautiful fall colors:
IMG_20141017_172304 IMG_20141017_173454
Rolled in the leaves:
IMG_20141012_182150 IMG_20141012_182020IMG_20141012_181759

And even drove to the top of Squaw peak and watched the sun set:

IMG_20141011_190213 IMG_20141011_191306