April 2015

What we were up to in April:

Jonah at his school Easter egg hunt. I love the excitement!
IMG_20150403_110103Declan at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Nick took the kiddos to this one while I had to work.
IMG_20150404_090159 IMG_20150404_090909

A little hike to bridal veil falls with my honey bunny for my birthday. He made a picnic dinner complete with mason jar cheesecake for dessert that took him all day to make. I’m so spoiled on my birthday this year! Surprise Italian party, surprise picnic with just the husband, no minions. You’d think I was turning 30 or something!


Swimming at the local pool. Jonah is quite the fish.


And Declan does not enjoy swimming as of yet. He always wants to go but then gets in and wants to leave after only a few minutes. He never has liked water…he used to SCREAM during baths as a baby.


Traditional Easter Egg dying party.


Playing with the neighbor kids.


I made them some peeps play dough.


A trip to Farm country at Thanksgiving point.


And to the gardens at Thanksgiving point for the Tulip festival. The boys loved watching the honey bees buzz around.

IMG_20150410_112941 IMG_20150410_115515

A crazy rain storm flooded the field next to our house.


Their new favorite thing to do.


And a random snow storm, as viewed from Nick’s commute. He is such a good guy for hanging in there on his commute. 1.5 hours each way, every day.


Jonah practicing his reading on a friend, Jayden.


I started my training for my very first HALF IRON MAN! I think I lost my mind when I signed up in December, haha. After all that rain the trail I ride on flooded, this is supposed to be an underpass.



Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury came for a visit. Grandma watched the kiddos while I went to work one day and she took them to a fun new park.

We took Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury to the tulip festival (between this time, the time with the boys and 2 times for work I went 4 times the year!)




IMG_20150427_162002 IMG_20150427_164700

We had an early birthday party for Jonah with my parents while they were in town. Jonah has been wanting to do the ropes course at the curiosity museum for some time, so we brought them with us and did it! This boy is fearless. It’s a little scary to watch as his Mom. My parents were pretty fearless too actually. This was really high up! You can’t tell in the photos because I went up to spots where I was level with them, but the actual ground is several stories down.
IMG_20150427_185526 IMG_20150427_185830 IMG_20150427_190135 IMG_20150427_190442 IMG_20150427_191115