Nine steps!

Jonah broke his record today by taking nine steps! Not without the motivation of a graham cracker though! 🙂 Happy Birthday me! I think we need just a few more Birthdays and he’ll be a walking pro!

And also in Jonah news, he has suddenly learned to use a sippy cup and also to spit his binky out when he has food in his hand. (He used to just hit the food against his binky with a confused look on his face.)

Going for a ride…

Taylor took Jonah for a 4-wheeler ride. He yelled with joy the whole time, especially when they hit bumps. Silly boy. Thank goodness the weather is warming up, it feels sooo nice to get outside!

75th birthday

We went to Boise for the weekend to celebrate my Grandpa Tracy’s 75th Birthday. Happy birthday Grandpa! While we were there I got a five generation picture with my Grandpa’s Mom, Jonah’s great-great-grandma Berg.

While staying at the hotel we decided to take advantage of the pool. Jonah LOVED it!


I played bun-co last night with some girls from my ward. It was fun and we got pretty dang loud. The girls all bring a gift to exchange at the end (winner gets first pick and on down the line). All of the gifts were so nice, hand-made and tied with ribbon, such crafty ladies. I won a handmade table runner that perfectly matches the colors of the quilt I am making, I love it! Thanks for a night out ladies! And thanks for babysitting as usual Mom, what would I do without you.

P.S. for those of you considering sending Nick a package I updated the list of stuff to send him…crossed out a few things and what not. Just email if you have questions on that.