Visiting Utah…

I was horrible about taking photos while we were visiting everyone in Utah. Sorry! Here are a few more photos from Utah and that’s pretty much all I’ve got! I didn’t even get any of Jonah following Paul and his friends around the house, too cute, he wanted to be a big boy! We had a great time seeing everyone(Nick’s family, my brother and his wife Olivia, some of my old friends and my Cousins). We went to the petting zoo, the festival of colors, to the arcade (where everyone pooled their tickets together to win Jonah a Lemur, thanks guys!), and just had fun being together! Oh and Nicks grandparents even came down to see us and have a birthday dinner for me. Thanks everyone we had a great time (even though it snowed every day…)

Festival of Colors

Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork holds a festival of colors every March to “welcome spring”. Even though there was snow on the ground we went out to celebrate spring hopefully coming. The first “throwing” we took part in, I brought my invincible camera in and took pictures in the middle, then we waited for another one so that Tyson could capture these awesome images of what it looks like from the outside.

Flight plans…

Just thought you all should know that I have FINALLY finalized my flight plans. I am ridiculous when it comes to booking flights, I want it to be just perfect. And there really is no such thing when it comes to flying. So for anyone who wants to know, here is my plan.

Provo area: March 20th-28th
Moscow area: March 28th-April 5th

ITALY!: April 6th!!!


I’ve been thinking about feathers! I met a girl from Portland who was wearing a feather in her hair and now I just can’t stop thinking about it..hers was more like an extension to her hair hanging behind her ear, I can’t seem to find one like it anywhere. But in thinking about feathers and looking for the perfect feather accessory I’ve thought of a few things that I love that would make my “look”…

A nice wide leather bracelet. With some texture to it, ingrained or cut out. Or maybe braided.

Something turquoise. My favorite. You can’t go wrong when it’s this color. I’m obsessed. And I do love these flowers.

And of course, feathers in the hair. This one is tricky…I’ve seen a lot of really ugly ones, and some really lovely ones. It could be a headband, clip or hair extension…but it has to look nice.

What is this look anyways? All these things together…maybe bohemian? Granola? I dunno…hopefully it’s not tacky anyways.

Mostly I want you (Nick) to know what I’ve been thinking about lately because this month is March, and you know what that means!

Official Update

Some of you probably don’t care but this is a really big deal to us…


What that means is that we know have official government paperwork signed and stamped saying we are going to Italy. And with those three little pieces of paper we were able to arrange movers, flights and finally apply for our visas today. It has been a long eight weeks and a lot of jumping through hoops to get these papers in our hands.

So what now? Biggest thing is that we are waiting on the Visa…which at the latest (hopefully) will come back a few days before we fly out, hopefully it comes back early so we don’t stress too much. We scheduled out flight for April 6th. It is a ten hour flight including a one hour layover in Germany.

The movers…the army has this fancy new system for applying for your movers/transportation. It’s called “do it yourself” and it’s supposed to be the latest and greatest..pfffft. It stinks. So far we have tried fifty times today to get their website to work, and it doesn’t work. Lovely. But we are looking at scheduling the movers around the 16th-ish.

Which means that from about the 16th of March to the 6th of April we will be homeless and stuffless. We are considering a trip home (rather than staying in a hotel)…too many factors to decide just yet. Keep ya posted 😉