Jonah’s Room!

Jonah’s room is finally complete! With lot’s of help from Grandma and Grandma, it looks amazing!

The blue dresser was a curbside find, with some new drawer pulls and blue paint, it looks good as new. The rocking chair I got off craigslist for $25. The big leaf over the chair, pictures on the wall and the rug are from Ikea. Border from walmart.

Curtains and crib skirt were sewn by Grandma Julie…very cute. Crib was found on craigslist (originally $900 canadian designer Morigeau Lepine, love it! Got it for 1/4 of that!)

Painting was done by Grandma Woodbury…who knew she was such an artist?! She took a picture from a magazine and duplicated the tree…so cute.

My sister took up quilt making and gave me her very first one! This quilt inspired all the colors in the room!

My Mom found the changing table on the curb…great find!

Grandma Julie sewed a changing table pad, using fabric to match the quilt. Plus she found the perfect baskets to put on it!

And this is Nick’s panoramic view of the room…hard to do without a fisheye lense!

And a special thanks to one amazing visiting teacher, Tiffany, who let me borrow her sewing machine AND donated a crib mattress to me!

All in all, I pretty much did nothing in this room…so THANK YOU!!! to everyone!!!
And I’m pretty sure Jonah likes it too…

Pictures taken 6/7/09

Taking a bath with Grandma before church.

This is the first bath he has not screamed his way through…he actually seemed to enjoy it!

Grandma Julie!

All dressed up 6/2/09

Nick’s commander is getting transferred so they had a fancy going away dinner for him…it was fun to get all dressed up!

Nick was so cute in his bowtie! (This is not usually a part of the uniform unless it’s a formal event like this.)

And Jonah did amazing! He even slept the whole time I ate! YAY!

One Month

I can hardly believe that he will be one month old tomorrow! Time flies by and he is growing FAST! He is already up to 10 lbs 6 oz.

I forgot to tell you about the visitors we had in his first few weeks…
My friend Lindsay was doing some sightseeing in DC and took time out of her busy tourist schedule to come visit!

We met at BYU on the New Zealand study abroad. Since she visited I did a little reminiscing about New Zealand and found a much cuter photo of us. I much prefer this photo of us at the New Zealand airport:

Anyhow…I wanted her to see a photo of Jonah looking very cute in one of the outfits she got him…

My friend Hillary that I met while working at Anasazi also came to visit about a week later…but I didn’t manage to get a picture with her. We met up with her at the DC temple while waiting for my Mom.

Speaking of my Mom…we were SO blessed to have her here for the first few weeks…sadly she missed the birth by a few days (the little bugger was in a hurry to get out!) but we were soooo happy to have her! She was a HUGE help, thanks Mom!

Some of you may be wondering how Zoey is doing with all of this…well, we are working on transitioning her into being more of an outside dog. Which has been difficult with the crazy amount of ticks in this area…we have found multiple ticks on her, on ourselves and just in the house. YUCK! SO, we try to keep her outside as much as possible and check her thoroughly before bringing her in. Shortly before Jonah was born Nick spent a whole weekend building her a beautiful doghouse…

She’s not too pleased with being banished to the backyard. This is what I usually see when I look out the window:

I keep telling Nick that I think she’s getting depressed…she looks so sad out there! But she’s been really good about the baby…no problems there. She pretty much just steers clear, especially when he cries. Here is the last “family photo” of us before everything got turned upside down for her! This is us at the cherry blossom festival in DC a few weeks before Jonah’s birth.

She’s no longer the baby in the house…