I spent most of September attempting to potty train little man. He wants to wear underwear and he will pee on the potty but he will also pee in his underwear 5-10 times a day. Sooo…at the end of the month I sort of gave up. We will revisit that idea later.

We went on a hike up to Battle creek falls after school one day.

IMG_20150904_164137 IMG_20150904_165153 IMG_20150904_165408

Jonah found nature’s velcro. And so did Kate. They were much harder to get off of Kate.


We went to seven peaks to go swimming on labor day.


This is how Jonah’s hair looked when he left for school for picture day. It did not stay like this for pictures, but it was worth a try.


I was caller number 8 for a radio giveaway and won tickets to the Utah state fair and to a concert. I took the kids to the fair and Nick to the concert. We saw an alligator show and there was an albino alligator, Jonah was sooo excited, he loves albino anything.


They had this cute little activity for kids to do that was run by the FFA. They had to put on an apron and do all these fake farm chores and then they got paid and could buy a little treat at the country store. The boys did it twice.


IMG_20150918_154449 IMG_20150918_131315 IMG_20150918_131727

Of course they loved all of the animals. And especially all the baby animals.

IMG_20150918_142043 IMG_20150918_142654 IMG_20150918_142858Declan figured out how to do a front roll while we were at the park one day. And did it about fifty times for anyone that would watch him.

And Jonah’s class went on a field trip to the Hogle zoo. I was a chaperone and got to take this awesome little group around the zoo. They had a fun dinosaur display going on in the zoo with these really realistic and sometimes moving and blinking (or even spitting (spraying water at you)) dinosaurs.


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