February 2015

Here’s what we were up to in February:
A trip to check out that crazy store “scheels” with the ferris wheel inside. (We even got a free ride, the manager handed us some tokens just for the heck of it!) We discovered it’s a sporting goods store and has stuffed animals inside too.
IMG_20150201_114422 IMG_20150201_114506 (2) IMG_20150201_114516 IMG_20150201_121113 IMG_20150201_121157

I attempted to replace “blue”, Declan’s beloved blanket, with a thomas the train blanket. He liked it, but so far he has not allowed it as a replacement for when Blue is missing or in the wash.


As Jonah’s “class Mom” I help out with all the holiday parties, like this one on Valentine’s day. I also volunteer in his class once a week.


And our big news for February, the new addition to our family. Meet Katie bug the golden doodle. When she first arrived with Nick she refused to get out of the car and we were pretty sure she was going to bite someone’s hand off if we reached in. After several hours of debating what to do and almost taking her back to the family we got her from, Nick got a spray bottle and sprayed her with water until she got out of the car. Once she got out she was a doll, and has been fantastic. The family that had her before had 5 kids, so we know she’s good with kids.


Jonah’s school had an assembly with this awesome owl in attendance. A Eurasian owl I believe, one of the biggest kinds of owls. Who knew this guy lives in Europe?? I don’t think we ever saw one.


A trip to the zoo for free admittance day with my cousins wife Kiersty and the adorable Genevieve. Free day is a complete zoo (at the zoo), not sure if it’s worth it. But the kids had fun.

IMG_20150225_114725 IMG_20150225_122716

Declan flying his “airplane”.


Nick and I managed to get away for a day of skiing at Park City (thanks to a Recreation therapy activity through the National Ability Center where I used to teach ski lessons and also thanks to awesome in-laws who babysit for us!).