Jonah has learned to use the telephone. Or at least, he knows to put it to his ear when you say “hello?” Pretty smart kid.

You might wonder where he learned this skill…I’d say he’s been spending some time with Grandma! Who also recently (accidentally) taught him to nod his head while he talks.

Another new skills he has developed, he started clapping the other day. I have been trying to teach him patty cake for months and the other day Taylor got home and clapped his hands together once and Jonah started clapping. Ridiculous. He loooves Taylor! Every time he hears the piano playing he comes running to help him play.

And on the dangerous side of things, Jonah is trying to find a way to get down the stairs. He thinks head first is the way to go, but he does do it very carefully.


ISAF photo of the month

“A U.S. Army Special Forces soldier bumps fists with an Afghan child during a patient transport operation on March 28, 2010 in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Nicholas T. Lloyd).”

Holy Tick!

Did you know that a tick can live for up to 200 days without a meal? (ie blood)!!! I just discovered this truth. Apparently I had a tag along from Maryland in my violin case. Yup. GROSS!

I’m mean…you know what I mean

So while I was in Utah we watched “Popeye” with Robin Williams. It was terrible…and yet at the same time it’s so stupid that when I think about it I laugh. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day…
I’m mean
Sooo funny.


One of Nick’s photos got released…

U.S. Army Soldiers help injured Afghan villagers onto a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during an operation to transport patients in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, March 28, 2010. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Nicholas T. Lloyd (Photo by U.S. Army)

Trip to Utah

Jonah’s new walking record is about 20…it’s getting hard to count now. He made this record while visiting at the Lloyd house in Provo Utah.

Sadly i forgot my camera…so I have no pictures of my trip. Until I can get the pics the Lloyds took. (hint hint 🙂

We left last Monday and drove to Twin Falls where we stayed with my Grandma (thanks grandma!) and then drove the rest of the way on Tuesday. Jonah was a little scared of Grandma Lloyd at first (he’d been locked in the car for two days and was a bit grumpy when she gave him a very enthusiastic hello…) but he warmed up quickly and enjoyed his stay.

Thursday and Friday I went to a Therapeutic Recreation conference up near Sundance. It was fun…it reminded me why I love my degree. (I would say career but I don’t work in the field right now). And I also had to do it to get my education credits to keep my certification. I saw some old friends from school and work, made some new friends and they fed us well so all in all it was a good conference.

Saturday I visited my cousin Seth and Kiersty, and saw their lovely new home. Then I decided to head back to the Lloyd home for one last night (I just couldn’t get enough!) Sunday morning, after a stop to see an old friend from Anasazi, Natalie, in SLC, I was on my way. Stayed in Boise (thanks grandpa!) And today I am back to Moscow.

A quick trip, but a good one. I think Jonah is ready to be done with car rides for the next millennium…or at least until we both forget how long the drive is and decide to do it again!