Rain, Rain, Go away

It has been raining, a lot, here. We had big weekend plans but decided we’d rather not go to a beach town in the rain and mourn the lack of sunshine. So instead we hit up a nearby aquarium. Jonah of course loved it. They had an awesome photo booth…I don’t usually indulge in these things but this one was too good.

Nick’s work…

By the way if anyone wants to see Nick’s latest TV news segments you can check out this website:
And click on any of the “All Points Europe” episodes. They switch hosts each day so if you get one that’s not him just click the next one and it’s probably him. I think he’s gotten really good at being on TV!

Buona Pasqua!

Easter Weekend. We spent Saturday in Verona and Sunday at home. It was lovely.

Woke up to an egg hunt, he was excited!

Dyed eggs. 

And ate eggs.

And we even made a fancy dinner. And when I say fancy I mean something besides chicken, haha. Nick was super excited for pork and potatoes.

Buona Pasqua everyone!


On the last day of March we went out to the lake to enjoy the almost 80 degree weather. March in Italy is my favorite so far. Everything is blooming and beautiful (not so fun if you have allergies, Italy is one of the worst places for allergies). Sirmione is a medieval town that sits on a peninsula that goes out into the lake 4 km. At the entrance of the town is a castle, which blocked off the whole peninsula to anyone trying to enter. We explored the castle, ate gelato and played on the lake shore. Definitely my favorite lake town so far.

Coming Full Circle…

We have officially come full circle here in Vicenza. The annual Easter Egg hunt was the first function we attended when we moved here last year, and here we are again. I cannot believe we have now been here a year!!!

Right before the egg hunt Jonah said “I’m scared Easter is gonna get me…”

Smart kid, headed straight for the middle. 


Easter Bunny 2012
Easter Bunny 2011