May 2014

We spent May living at the Lloyd house. I accepted a job position working as a recreational therapist at Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital and started on May 1st. Nick is working night shift as desktop supportĀ at Vivint. So we juggle our shifts in such a manner that one of us is with the kids the most time possible, but we end up needing a little help about 3 days a week. Nick’s mom Julie has been generous enough to help us with this. I did not want to move to Utah, but I can honestly say that I am not sure how we would have survived this summer without family to live with and help us in so many ways.


Nick, Grandma Julie and Uncle Paul took the kiddos to This is the place to see their baby animals. I wasn’t there due to work, but it sounds like they all had fun!

IMG_20140502_135301 IMG_20140502_135929 IMG_20140502_135939 IMG_20140502_144111

Because I started work on May 1, it made it difficult for me to make a cake and prepare for Jonah’s 5th birthday on May 2nd. Grandma Julie came to the rescue though and made this beautiful matchbox car track cake. Jonah loved it. And he got some fun presents so he was set. Happy birthday to my big boy. He is such a sweet soul. While he may be a little energetic at times and has difficulty containing it, when you really get to know him he is a very caring and sensitive little boy.

IMG_20140502_191723 IMG_20140502_191747 IMG_20140502_192029 IMG_20140502_193620 IMG_20140502_194658 IMG_20140517_171815

May has been one of the hardest months we have had in a long time. Nick is exhausted from working the night shift, I am exhausted from working full time, the kids are missing their own toys and space. But we are surviving. We try to do fun things here and there when we can, since it is getting to be summer time.

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