My first TRI!

This weekend I completed my very first Triathlon. It has been something I have always wanted to do and I have been training all summer. I have never been a runner so I had to pretty much learn to run. At first I hated it but I can honestly say that running is not so bad now.
Here I am pre-race:
They write your age on your leg. So that when a 67 year old woman passes you feel embarrassed. Actually it’s because you compete against your age group.

You can just see my blue shirt coming out of the water second here. I was actually the first one out of the water by a whole minute on the swim. Swimming is my strength of the three.
Starting the bike ride after a nice quick transition since I didn’t use a wetsuit (the water was pretty warm)
Ending my bike ride…not the greatest time on that part, I got passed big time even with my whole minute lead. On to the run.
I held my ground pretty well on the run. Sprinting to the finish! YAY!
Total time 01:23:58.1 (10th in my age group)

And of course, my fans! Where would I be without my Mom helping me watch Jonah during hours of training, Jonah patiently sitting in the stroller during runs/bike rides, my mom letting me borrow her bike, my sister’s encouragement, Sarah teaching me how to run, 5:30 am swim team with coach Matt, Nick believing in me, biking for burritos on Wednesdays with the ladies, my mom, Jonah and Nicole getting up super early to come watch me race, everyone’s patience love and support. THANK YOU! I think I’ll do another one sometime!


My husband is back to the USA safe and sound!!!!!!!

Just 20 more days………………..

poor sick boy

Jonah spent last weekend with a fever. As terrible as it sounds it was kind of nice to have the little guy slow down and actually cuddle with me! But I am paying for it now. He has been so needy ever since, even though I’m pretty sure he is feeling better he screams at me if I am not holding him or giving him my full attention. I’m not used to a fussy baby!

Jonah is in my lap and would like to type something:

Finding his face

A few weeks ago Jonah discovered his eyelashes. He would try to grab them and giggle when they tickled his fingers. It was adorable. About a week after that he discovered his nose, well for the second time I suppose. The first time he just discovered that it was there, this time he discovered the inside of it. Oh joy. Lately he has found his tongue. He is constantly sticking it out and waggling it around. It is so fun to watch his daily discoveries!

Fireworks at the lake

Fourth of July at the Lake was sooo much fun! Since it’s on an Indian reservation all the crazy fireworks are legal and everybody shoots them off from their docks, it’s pretty wild!