March 2015

What we were up to in March:
Katie bug loves the snow!

Declan sometimes comes with me to help in Jonah’s class. He blends right in. (Not really, he’s actually kind of a pain, he wants to get into everything, but we love  him).


A boy and his dog.

IMG_20150303_125405 IMG_20150303_125414

And after the snow melted it got warm enough for a lemonade stand. Look at all these boys in the neighborhood!


Declan throws a lot of fits these days. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.


For Nick’s spring break we headed down to Zion’s national park for a quick camping getaway. It was still pretty cold at night being that it was March. But we got the kids some nice new sleeping bags and we all stayed warm.

IMG_20150318_145432 IMG_20150318_145617 IMG_20150318_155404 IMG_20150318_155834 IMG_20150318_161428 IMG_20150318_161831 IMG_20150318_164007 IMG_20150319_103028 IMG_20150319_122001

We walked a little ways into the narrows before our feet got too cold.  SO then we headed back to the sandy beach to warm up and play in the sand. This was probably the kids’ favorite part of the trip.


It’s a good thing I have such a strong husband to help lug these kiddos around!

IMG_20150319_165500 IMG_20150319_173751 IMG_20150319_191744 IMG_20150319_201650

We went into St. George on the last day and played for a bit at their natural playground, Pioneer park. The boys were in heaven.


IMG_20150320_112032 IMG_20150320_114843 IMG_20150320_115306 IMG_20150320_121722

Julie threw me a surprise party for my birthday and really did surprise me. When I walked in the door and everyone said happy birthday I actually looked behind myself to see who they were talking to. And on top of that it was Italian themed, she knows how much I miss Italia! Sometimes my heart just aches to be back there. It was such a great party!

IMG_20150322_182924 IMG_20150322_182958

Look at all these lovely people at my party! Emily was visiting from California and Natalie from New York (somehow their cute babies didn’t make it into this photo). My brother Cody even came.

IMG_20150322_201945 IMG_20150325_080900

Jonah’s kindergarten teacher has marveled at his fine motor skills many times, she says he will be an artist. Italian school did a lot of fine motor activities so Jonah is far ahead of his American peers in this. Sometimes I get pretty impressed too though, look at what he cut out by himself! I don’t think I could even do it that well. And look at that perfect coloring. This kid. Sometimes its a bad thing because he takes a lot longer to finish things then the other kids, which frustrates him. But he does a way nicer job.


$2 Tuesdays at the Tracy aviary. Jonah was loving this “Chinese pheasant”.

IMG_20150325_153146 IMG_20150325_154050 IMG_20150325_155507

We made a weekend trip to Boise to celebrate my Grandpa Tracy’s 80th birthday. Somehow I did not manage to get a picture of the birthday boy! Seeing my sisters kids is always fun. Nick couldn’t come because he had a project for school, so the kids and I went.

IMG_20150328_145403 IMG_20150328_160532

Stopped for a quick hike on our drive back, to stretch our legs, and you know…roll in the dirt a little.