Still no baby….

I’m still hanging out at home having contractions every 3-10 minutes. They seem to be getting stronger…but they still don’t hurt. So I’m not really sure what’s up. My Mom said she had regular contractions for days before her actual labor started…so I guess it’s genetic. Nick is getting really impatient though!

Is it for real???

Ok so…we went to the hospital and they declared me in labor this morning. I am having contractions every three minutes and I’m dilated to a 4. And it’s been more than twelve hours of all this and what am I doing? Hanging out at home. Why? Because it just doesn’t hurt. I don’t want to hang our at the hospital for no good reason…so I’m waiting. So far this labor stuff is pretty easy! 😉 Supposedly all this means that the baby will be here soon, but it really doesn’t feel like it. But hey, if he’s born in April then the birthstone is diamond! So I’m voting we get this baby out by midnight tomorrow.

Almost there!

With only three weeks left to go before this baby (possibly less!) Nick and I are running around like crazy trying to get ready!

One of the things we’ve decided to do before posting any pictures of the baby on the blog is to make it private. So if you would like to view our blog still, send me a shout out with your email address and I will make sure you still have access.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Oh how I love spring!!!

Cherry blossom trees surround the entire tidal basin in Washington DC and were in full bloom this last week! SOOO pretty!

Neat old trees…Japan gave them to us as a gift.

Washington monument. You can see all the trees around the perimeter of the tidal basin.

Most of the flowers were almost white, only a few trees were as pink as this.

Thank you my wonderful Abby for accompanying me on our walk around DC to see the cherry blossoms at almost peak bloom!