Nick & Jen go to Vegas

My parents came to visit for the weekend and then my Dad flew home and my Mom stayed to watch the kiddos so that Nick and I could get away for a few days during his fall break. Nick wanted to go check out some shows in Vegas, so we did. It was a fantastic little break from the kiddos. And I actually got to see and talk to my husband for more than a few minutes a day. School takes up all his time these days, but I am proud of his hard work.

IMG_20151013_190928 IMG_20151013_192859 IMG_20151013_194517

We loved all the fake Italy stuff. Like the Trevi fountain, which was not nearly as crowded as the real one.

IMG_20151013_194724 IMG_20151013_194854

Nick wanted to see Penn and Teller, a comedian magician act with these two guys. He loved it, I was so so about it. Nick was super excited to see them doing selfies with people after the show. Sadly ours is out of focus, but still fun.


When we were going to pick up our tickets for Penn and Teller we got pulled into a time share thing and made an appointment to waste a few hours of our lives for some cheap buffet and cirque du soleil tickets. SO bright and early the next morning we set off for our free breakfast and sales talk. It wasn’t too bad…until we got to the end and we had told them ten times that we had an appointment for a massage at 11:30 and it got to be 11:30 and they were still holding us captive. I found that to be disrespectful as they had said they would be done at 11. But the massage place waited for us so we were able to de-stress after, which was perfect.

IMG_20151014_082522 IMG_20151014_185125

Cirque du soleil was fantastic. The people in that show are so talented its amazing what they can do with their bodies. I think I sat with my mouth wide open most of the time.

IMG_20151014_203618 IMG_20151014_205204

The Venetian hotel was a nice little reminder of Italy, much cleaner though. Makes my heart ache thinking of being in real Italy.


We saw the volcano show and the water show.

IMG_20151014_213025 IMG_20151014_213341 IMG_20151014_214450

Eiffel tower! Remember when we could hop over to the real Eiffel tower in the same time it took us to get to Vegas?? Gah, I miss it!

IMG_20151015_094138 IMG_20151015_094219

We had fun texting Nick’s parents our photos of (fake) New York (they were actually in New York at the same time, too funny).

IMG_20151015_094348 IMG_20151015_095142 IMG_20151015_104049

We stopped on our way back and did a little hike in Kolob.

IMG_20151015_152052 IMG_20151015_152154

We also stopped at a gas station where we found our cokes with our names on them, next to each other. We were meant to be!


Weekend in Park City

My parents came to visit Park City for a weekend…but I honestly can’t even prove that my Dad was here…I have no photos with him! Sorry Dad! Or of Taylor and Cody and Haylee who came up to Park City as well. My parents rented a really nice apartment with a kitchen up at the base of Deer Valley resort that we all stayed in. It was fun to get up in the mountains and spend some time with family.

It is the perfect time of year to come, so beautiful. While My Dad and brothers went mountain biking (and Nick and Haylee studied) My Mom and I took the kids on a treasure hunt. And we found lot’s of beautiful yellow treasure!

IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1288 IMG_1297 IMG_1299



We went to Olympic park and did the little kids ropes course. Jonah of course zipped right through it. Declan sat in the car with Grandpa taking a much needed nap (for both of them, lol).
IMG_20151010_144503 IMG_20151010_144514 IMG_20151010_165728 IMG_20151010_170850 IMG_20151010_172909

And Nick and I went on a little baby mountain bike ride. He didn’t think he liked mountain biking but after trying my Dad’s bike out he said it was kind of fun! Thanks Dad!


Jonah had his fall festival at school on Monday, this is apparently their big event. It was pretty fun. There was some mix up about a dance that Jonah was supposed to perform, he didn’t understand that it was like a flash mob and he was just supposed to do it if he heard the music. SO there were some tears when we were leaving and he had not done his dance. But we convinced him to do it for us.




After the weekend we left for Vegas and my Mom stayed with the kiddos. I think they had a lot of fun. She even took them to corn belly’s. (And didn’t make them do the big corn maze, lol. Jonah freaked out when she asked…he remembers being lost last year…he hates being lost.) Thanks Grandma!
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