Portofino scuba diving

The boys went scuba/snorkeling in Portofino while the women and children hung out on the beach. A nice relaxing final day before the Lloyd’s began there LONG journey home.
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Cinque terre

We blitzed through Cinque Terre. Most of the trails between the villages have been wiped out by landslides last year, including the walk of love. So we hopped on and off the train to see the cute little villages clinging to the cliffs. Jonah found the perfect park with an amazing view and we sat and watched him play.








Florence and the Uffizi

Florence is always beautiful. The Duomo is one of my favorites. Sadly we were all too exhausted to climb the bell tower and see the beautiful view. We did however make reservations to skip the 2.5 hour line and take a peak in the Uffizi. I was particularly impressed with a number of paintings of mothers adoring their babies. I love the expression painted on both the mothers’ and the babes’ faces of complete adoration for each other…probably because I completely relate. We decided to skip the statue of David as you can see a reproduction of him in the square where he used to stand for free.





Hadrian’s rubble, I mean villa.

We headed for the outskirts of Rome while Nick’s family went to the Vatican. Hadrian’s villa is an impressive, expansive, never ending, large, pile of ruins and rubble. After a few hours of wandering around and imagining the villa in it’s heyday, we were ruined out.








When in Rome…

Ah Rome. The beautiful and sometimes awful city. There is so much to see it can really run you down if you’re not careful…and we weren’t. There is never a lack of things to see in Rome. And see we did. After our exhausting day in Rome, the cold that we had all been on the verge of catching finally caught a good hold of all of us.
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The road to Rome

After Jonah’s graduation we headed for Rome. Some exciting things happened on the way. We came WAY too close to running out of gas (we had pulled into a station that was OUT of gas! And the next station was almost too far…I think the “miles to empty” meter just makes things worse.) But then we stopped at an amazingly beautiful hill town called Civita. It is on a cliff and you have to walk over a bridge to get to it. We found a little alley way in the town and heated up soup on a camp stove, super classy like. But hey, ya gotta eat!
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Piccoli to Medie

Jonah’s school has a little end of the year ceremony for the kiddos. In Italy kids do three years of preschool and then start first grade. (So it’s really only one extra year when you consider we do preschool and kindergarten.) Jonah graduated from the “littles” and next year he’ll be in the “mediums”. AND we even got to have family here for his graduation! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd and Uncle Paul for sitting through a boring ceremony in a foreign language!