Here’s what we were up to in June:

Hanging out at the park.


Lot’s of wildlife and beautiful scenery on my morning bike rides. I see pretty much every sunrise and sunset these days because of my training. I joined the adult swim team in American Fork and the pool is outdoors so even my swim training is outside and I watch the sun rise over the mountain each time I breath.

IMG_20150602_062904 IMG_20150604_055140 IMG_20150604_064635 IMG_20150620_060342

Jayden and Declan were playing house and decided to take a nap. I’m OK with that!



Jonah and Declan ran their first race. The Utah Valley Marathon does a free kids 1k and they get a T-shirt and get to eat the marathon finish line food! We might have to do this one every year. Jonah was super nervous at the start line, I think because there were so many people, and he said he really wanted to win. He thought it was dumb that everyone got a medal. I think he changed his tune when he saw the food though. Even little Declan ran the whole way, although he ran with Daddy and cried the whole way because he wanted Mommy.

IMG_20150613_112326 IMG_20150613_114438

Being a recreational therapist is such an awesome job. I got to buy a million flowers for my patients to take to old people. So fun.

IMG_20150613_133031Petting zoo set up in the city park for a day. Declan loves all critters.
IMG_20150617_102224 IMG_20150617_102518

We ride bikes pretty much every day, weather permitting.

IMG_20150618_083935My work did a summer party at boondocks, they provided lunch and even a bag of tokens. We just wish Nick could have come, stupid school. Jonah was LOVING the go-karts. Declan got tired really fast and fell asleep so I sat with him while Jonah rode the go-karts 10 times.
IMG_20150624_133213 IMG_20150624_140854 IMG_20150624_164448

We decided to check out the local Lehi rodeo. To be honest, I’m not sure we will go again. The cowboys were subpar and my children did not enjoy going too much. There was however a pretty cool “half time show” from a guy called buffalo bill, with one arm, who had buffalo go on top of his trailer.

IMG_20150625_204242 IMG_20150625_212350

Ignore my ugly face in this photo and look at the pile of children attempting to sleep in my lap.


Even if they did not like the rodeo much, Declan gained a new love for cowboy boots. I got the boots out for him to wear to the rodeo and he now wants to wear them every single day. Silly little cowboy. It hurts pretty bad when he steps on your toes with those boots.


The rodeo is a big deal in Lehi, they have a whole week called “Round up week” and it includes a parade and the petting zoo at the park and all kinds of activities.

IMG_20150627_102316 IMG_20150627_104258

Declan is obsessed with these little back packs that you can check out at the library. Once a week we go swap out our back pack. They have little activities or toys or costumes and a book. This is supposed to be a police officer costume. He loved it so much he wore it to the park. With his cowboy boots of course.


What’s summer without going swimming and then stopping for shaved ice? Yum!