Happy Birthday Nicole

For Nicole’s birthday we spent the weekend at the Lake. The kids were in heaven with the pool and watertable on the deck. Another good weekend!


We found Bambi wandering in the road up by the lakehouse. We hope he found his mommy…he was sure sweet. (We all learned after this that you are NOT supposed to touch baby deer. Their only protection when their mothers leave them somewhere is that they have no scent. Sorry Bambi!)

I love my baby boy

Jonah is attempting to talk. His favorite word at the moment is “taylor”…it’s ridiculous how much he loves Taylor. He also says “banana” which I think he thinks means food. He signs more, please and all done. The kid is a monkey, he climbs up on anything he can get his foot hooked up onto, it’s dangerous! He is super smart and picks up on more and more every day. I love this kid!

Rockin the baby mullet

Sadly Jonah still seems to be lacking in the hair department. But the hair that he has always had is in fact getting longer…(and curly!)

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there, but most especially to my baby’s daddy! To Nick: we love you soooo much! Sorry we can’t be there to celebrate fathers day with you this year but we are definitely thinking of you and are grateful for your role as a father. Thank you, for being who you are. LOVE YOU!!!

P.s. Nick I took these pictures specifically for fathers day (but what I made with them you won’t see until you get back because it wasn’t done in time to send, sorry!) But I just love the way that Jonah is looking up like he is admiring someone…so appropriate for fathers day. I know I love and admire you for many, many reasons.

Kicking off summer

This past weekend we kicked off our summer up at the cabin. The weather was amazing (sunburns all around) and even though the water is still freezing cold, even Jonah managed to get in! (He thought he wanted to go in, he kept trying to jump in, so finally I stripped him down and Nicole threw him in…he screamed bloody murder and we pulled him back out.)

This is our first summer enjoying the brand new jet-skis. They are fast. It scares me (yup, I’m a wimp) so the fastest I went was 35…but I’m pretty sure the boys may have doubled that number. Jonah loved riding in the boat and yelling at Taylor and Dustin out on the jet-skis. He also loved exploring a new house with lot’s of stairs to go up and down.

I feel like on lucky girl to be able to enjoy the cabin this summer with my family. There’s only one thing missing…

Speaking of Nick! He will be on his way home next month!!! He might even be home by the end of the month, and at least by the first week of August! I’m so excited! Trying to figure out the logistics of him coming home is giving me a bit of a headache, with the lack of information, but I am excited to see him as soon as is possible!

Sunny day

We finally had a sunny day! All this rain is starting to get on my nerves. Since it was sunny we spent as much time out there as we could. Jonah loved it. He rolled in the mud puddles, threw rocks and ran around like crazy. He even got to help Carson drive the tractor!

Watching grandma and Carson “race”

Diaper buds


I’ve been playing bunco once a month with some awesome girls. This month I volunteered to host it. So I baked cookies, decorated and set up the tables…it made me appreciate when other girls host! The theme for the gifts was white elephant, and every one brought really cute things as they always do. It was a lot of fun, thank for coming ladies!

13 months old!

Jonah is 13 months old today! I just barely got used to saying that he just barely turned one…now I have to say he’s 13 months! Jonah’s new tricks this month are not quite as much fun as other tricks he’s learned. He has started to throw fits now. When he doesn’t get what he wants he throws himself to the ground. Even if he’s on the wood floor and it bangs his head to do so. And sometimes, to emphasize it, he will get up and do it again, and again. It can be funny, but sometimes it’s frustrating. He uses the sign “more” all the time, and usually I’m not really sure what he wants more of, I think he just likes to do it. He loves to run around, sometimes literally, he just goes in circles. He loves to explore, especially outside. He gives hugs now, they are very sweet, except when he tries to bite your shoulder while giving you a hug…that hurts. He loves to talk talk talk but he’s not speaking English yet. He’s a cheese-ball and will pose for the camera. He’s gotten his top two teeth now for a total of four. I think he might be teething or still struggling with ear aches because he hasn’t been the happiest these last few weeks.