Merry Christmas

We had a very quiet Christmas with just the three of us. Jonah loves everything he got. We put away all his old toys and he has been playing away with his new toys. It was a lot more fun with Jonah this year…he understood how to open his presents and got excited about them. We were lucky enough to have two Christmas dinners! A ham with some friends from Nick’s work on Christmas eve and a turkey with some friends from the ward on Christmas day. The first night I made rolls and mashed potatoes. The Second night I made rolls, yams and an apple pie. All the food both evenings was delicious…too bad all three of us have been sick all week and eating very much makes us all nauseous!

Christmas in DC

Last weekend we were trying to get in the Christmas spirit so we went to see the train display and tree at Union station (dontated by the Norwegians), the National tree in front of the white house (surrounded by 50 little trees with ornaments made by a school from each state). Then we ended our evening at the Washington DC temple to see the lights and the international creche display there (they had one from Italy!).


My new favorite thing that Jonah does is when he gives a big cheesy grin and scrunches up his shoulders for emphasis…silly.


Met my good friend Rachel in Philadelphia this weekend…it’s the halfway point between us. I haven’t seen her in two years, but every time I see her it’s like no time has passed at all. Love this girl. We walked all over the city chatting away and stopping at random places for lunch, hot chocolate, and snacks. She’s engaged to be married next November, sadly I won’t be able to make it…I’ve heard Jewish weddings are a blast.

At one point while we were walking around we came across this street where all the cars were stopped and spaced out strangely…even though the light was green none of them moved or even honked (they loooove to honk in Philly). It was like the twilight zone. We stepped through the cars and all the drivers just stared straight ahead. We asked a woman standing nearby what the heck was going on…they were filming a movie, “safe”…maybe we’re in it!

Medieval Times

We have been wanting to try medieval times for awhile now. It was fun, the food was mostly meat with no utensils. Followed by some great entertainment. My favorite was probably the fancy horses that could do neat tricks like jump up(all four hooves off the ground)and dance around. I was expecting more jousting, but they didn’t do much of that. (Maryland Renn fair had awesome jousting so I was a little sad they didn’t do it at medieval times…) Jonah liked it, he did pretty well. We did have to give him his binkie, but he made a friend, the old lady sitting next to him paid more attention to him then the show! It was cute. We cheered for our blue knight and booed at the green knight who in turn stuck out his tongue at our section a few times.