May 2015

What we did in May:

My Mom stayed a little longer than my Dad and was able to help me pull off a friend party for Jonah. It was waaay more work then I had thought it was going to be so I was super glad to have my Mom! Jonah requested a batman theme. We tried to keep it to 6 friends for being 6 years old but we weren’t sure if more than two were going to show so we invited extra and then they all showed.
IMG_20150502_135742 IMG_20150502_135831 IMG_20150502_140420

Then we had a family party as well, with two grandma’s and a grandpa.


Jonah made a “birthday hat” for himself. He’s so creative.

IMG_20150503_181806 IMG_20150503_202523

For his Birthday at school they had me come read his favorite story and then the kids get to ask Jonah questions about his other favorites.


Rock climbing at the legacy center.


Declan watching Jonah do gymnastics. This little boy gets to do a lot of watching his brother do stuff. He can’t wait until he is big enough to do stuff too!


Declan got really quiet while Nick was cleaning (I was at work) and he found him like this. Rough day apparently!


Rock climbing at the fun center with Daddy while Mom works.


We learned all about the Earred Grebe and why he can only land on water when I found this little guy that had crash landed on the road. We found him a ride up to the bird rescue in Ogden.


Jonah had a “gymnastics meet”. It was super fun to watch him do his thing.

IMG_20150521_174032 IMG_20150521_175652 IMG_20150521_180614

At the end of the school year every school in Alpine school district apparently does this dance thing…every class has a dance they do to a song. It takes awhile to watch every single class dance but it’s totally worth it when your own kid gets up.


Lehi fun center with Daddy on the weekend.


I am spending lot’s of time riding my bike, running and swimming. Slow and steady, I hope I’ll be ready!


Rock climbing in American Fork Canyon. This boy loves to climb.

IMG_20150525_132433 IMG_20150525_142140

School graduation ceremony.

IMG_20150526_093754 IMG_20150526_101656

At last summer has arrived! Let the BBQ’s begin!

IMG_20150531_181446 IMG_20150531_181711