Watch where you are going

Jonah has gotten into the horrible habit of running full speed while looking back to see if someone is chasing him. While hanging out with Daddy at work, one of Nick’s co workers was teasing him and he ran full speed while looking back and didn’t quite make the doorway. At first the injury didn’t look too bad…but now it looks awful!

Oh and don’t mind the bruise on the other side of his head from falling off the playground last week or the scratches from his “friend” at school. This kid will be lucky if he survives childhood…

Happy Halloween!

Does Italy do Halloween? Not really…they decorate a little but they don’t do trick or treating. We do that on post housing, and we invite the Italians to join us, so it can get a little crazy. In order to offset this they do a separate “trunk or treat” on post (not post housing), which we attended the Saturday before Halloween. Jonah loved it. Before we went he kept asking if they were going to hide the candy in eggs…he is still figuring out which holiday is what but it is fun that he has started keeping memories from a year or more ago.

“I got hit by a bike”

My poor little Jonah is so accident prone it’s ridiculous. Nick got a call from the day care the other day while I was teaching swim lessons. They said Jonah had gotten a little scratch on the side of his face and they just wanted to let us know. They didn’t know what happened but when we asked Jonah he said “Gino hit me with the bike”. After talking to Gino’s mom, she was able to obtain a confession confirming that Jonah was in fact hit by a bike. Oh, Jonah.

Three, and a half.

My baby boy turned three (and a half according to him…) today! I can hardly believe it.We spent the day at the butterfly gardens taking in all the bugs, birds and of course, butterflies. 

He wanted a monster party, so we watched monsters, played monster games and had monster cake. His good friend Keira and her little brother Ricky came for the party. 

But apparently when he went to bed he wasn’t ready to be done with his birthday. At about 11:30pm we heard him cry out, I ran into his room and he was on the floor. I was half asleep so I grabbed him and snuggled him without looking at him. The my shirt felt wet and I looked down…there was blood all over his face and a huge gash in his eyebrow. Nick walked in and said “get dressed, he needs stitches”. SO we spent the next few hours in the emergency room where Jonah received six stitches across his eyebrow. It was so crazy because he didn’t cry at all (until they did the stitches) and we seriously cannnot figure out what happened…bed side table? tile floor? edge of the bed? no idea…this kids got bad luck that’s all I know!

Happy birthday my tough little three and a half year old!!!