Jonah with Santa

We went to Pioneer Village for their Candlelight Christmas with Nick’s family. We wandered around the little village, saw a live nativity, real reindeer and Jonah got to sit on an old style Santa’s lap.


Sending everyone good wishes from here in Utah! We were going to put one of these pictures on a Christmas card but it simply didn’t happen. So here ya go.

Frozen Solid!

It has been VERY cold here in Moscow for the past week. Resulting in a several inches thick ice on the pond. You know you’re from the country when it gets cold and you drive the four wheeler out onto the pond! Oh Idaho…in some ways I suppose I’ve missed it.

All I want for Christmas…

So this year for Christmas, all I really want is my two front teeth. Seriously. I am having my fake teeth replaced because they are stained and people tell me I have stuff between my teeth all the time, and I don’t.
BUT apparently I’m not the only one that asked Santa for teeth…today my Mom noticed that Jonah has the beginnings of a tooth, bottom front right. You can’t actually see the tooth yet but there is a hole where it will soon appear…AAAAAAAH!