Run Nick Run!

Results are in from yesterday’s Army 10 miler. Nick ran a 1:15:50 time, 2145th out of 30,000. Good job babe! I am so proud of you, you inspire me to be in better shape!

Daddy’s little boy….

Jonah truly is Daddy’s little boy. He can be crying his head off and as soon as Dad gets home he will give him a huge smile. He loves to hear his Daddy talk. Nick reads to Jonah every night before bed and Jonah just loves it.

Seth and Kiersty come to visit….

My favorite cousin Seth and his wife Kiersty decided to take a vacation to DC. I love that I live near such a popular vacation spot…it’s makes living so far away from everyone a little easier cuz they all come to me! I tagged along with them on their drive to Getttysburg on Monday. Even though Nick and I just went there I wanted to go back and do the battlefield tour again to try to understand it better.

I love this picture of them because I had just said something about “pretend like you’re firing the cannon” and Seth made some smart remark that I didn’t hear but apparently it was pretty funny cuz they’re both cracking up. And that is why I love them…they never fail to make me laugh. I forgot how much I missed them!

Then on Thursday, we went out for seafood with them to a place in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore called “Phillips”. Kiersty and I split an order of crab cakes and I have to say, they were GOOD!