Road Trip!

And we’re off! 2500 miles or bust. We stayed at a motel 6 in Frederick MD. Next to the motel was a huge car dealer that my Dad had to stop and check out. We had Einstein brothers for breakfast and then drove a little ways before realizing that the new tire that was put on yesterday needed to be balanced. So we stopped in Hagerstown, MD for that and then we were off again by about 1pm I think. We drove about 600 miles and ended up in

goodbye fort meade for now…

Nick and I have officially moved out of our very first home together at Fort Meade. Nick is headed for Fort Bragg to do some training and then to deploy. I am headed for my parents’ house in Idaho. My Dad and I will be driving across the country.

We had the world’s slowest movers who forgot tons of stuff. And then we got a flat tire right before we were supposed to have our check out inspection. THEN, Nick finds out that he doesn’t leave for training until next week, on his birthday! He was supposed to leave today so we had it all timed out and now he has to live in the barracks for a week!

We got everything worked out and now I’m dreading what’s next…saying goodbye is so hard.

Happy Halloween!

This year for halloween Jonah was a bat and Nick and I dressed up as each other. (Sadly I don’t have a good photo of us dressed as each other so you’ll just have to take my word that it was pretty funny.) Nick carved sponge bob on his pumpkin and I carved a ghost, which I just realized I did last year too. Oops. We went to a friends’ house last night all dressed up but then tonight we stayed home and hid from the trick or treaters. I guess that was our “trick”, no treats here! We can’t wait for next year when we will get to parade Jonah around the neighborhood asking for candy that we will eat most of. mwahaha…happy halloween!