Jonah waves hello

I have been working at my parents’ antique store in Moscow and today while I was there Jonah waved at a customer, she waved back and then he proceeded to wave at her for several minutes. It was so cute!

And I’m pretty sure you could call what he is doing now “crawling”. Mostly.

Right after I took this video Jonah crawled to me saying “mamama” the whole way. I had Nick on the phone and he was crying which made me cry…I knew this would be hard but I guess it’s hard to really understand how hard it is until you’re there. I wish so badly that Nick could be here to see Jonah grow and develop.

To Nick: I miss you SO much already. I love you more than I can tell you. I want you to know that I always kiss Jonah twice and tell him I love him twice, once for you and once for me. We can’t wait to see you again. You will be on our minds all the time. I promise you Jonah will know who you are. And I promise to take pictures and videos every step of the way so that you can be as much a part of it as possible.

Jonah visits the hospital at midnight

Jonah had his first middle of the night rush to the hospital! Don’t get too worried, it turned out alright. I was awoken by a raspy gasp and then silence…he stopped breathing for 10 seconds but then started again with some difficulty. So after taking him in the bathroom with the hot water running for a little bit, we decided it was safest to take him to the hospital to be sure, since he doesn’t have much room for error in those little lungs. Turns out he’s just got some upper respiratory junk, they call it croup. He got a breathing treatment, xrays (to check for pneumonia) and a steroid shot. The doctor made it sound like it’s not too big of a deal but that a lot of parents bring their kids in at night because that’s when it gets worse and it just sounds scary. But it only lasts 2-7 days. So we’re ok! But we did enjoy our little adventure and all the ER staff were impressed with little Jonah who smiled even in the midst of all of it.

Christmas in Utah

Nick, Jonah and I spent Christmas in Utah with Nick’s family. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and spending time together before Nick leaves. We went to Nick’s grandparents’ house for a Christmas dinner the week before Christmas, which was of course traditional Swedish style including Santa Lucia. Jonah scored big time with lot’s of toys and cloths (thanks everybody).

Jonah managed to get another tooth (he has his bottom two front teeth) and has gained some mobility. He started out just doing pushups at the beginning of our three weeks in Utah and by the end he could get wherever he wanted. It’s not crawling per say, but he’s moving!

Nick and I went skiing, went to the arcade, went to the dollar movie and the last night he was there we went to “The Pie” in Salt Lake and went bowling. We tried to cram lot’s of dates into our last week together!

Happy New Year.

So far this year has not started out so great. But we are hoping that it will end better. I guess I kind of feel like I just want to get this year over with…and get Nick back and go back to living like a normal family. As normal as we can.