10 months old!

Jonah is officially into the double digits in months of age today. And to celebrate, we went to the doctor! Happily there were no shots involved, just measuring. So here are his latest stats:

Weight: 20.8 lbs (only a 1.4 lb gain since his November check-up!)
Weight percentile: 48% (he’s not a chub after all!)
Height: 30 in.
Height percentile: 90%
Based on these measurements I’d say he’s getting a good start on being just like his Daddy, long and lean!

Jonah traits as of lately include yelling when he wants what you have, opening cupboards and drawers, climbing up the stairs as fast as he can, poking mom’s eyes out and just basically trying to get into everything he can get his chubby little paws on.

Here is Jonah on his 10 month birthday:

he’s not actually sad in this picture, he just likes to stick out his bottom lip.

About to eat the camera…