18 months today!

Happy 18 months of being alive to Jonah! His personality is starting to show more and more. The thing I have noticed the most lately is that this boy is stubborn determined. He is so lovable. He gives lot’s of hugs and kisses…especially to little girls his size. He’s a daredevil…jumping from really high without even looking is his signature move. He is a sponge lately…he is starting to repeat things that we say and do. Just today he started doing head shoulders knees and toes on his own (I’ve tried before and he won’t ever do it).

Everyone always asks what Jonah is saying these days so here ya go:
Favorite word: CAR!
Other words:
Ba (Which means bath, banana, balloon and book), What’s that? (Which usually means airplane), More, Pwease, Gramma, Tater, Dada, Mama, Truck, Tractor, Rawr, outide, inside, dog, buh bye (He is finally waving!), No (very occasionally so far…), Clo (his girlfriend, Chloe)….and many other words that I haven’t quite figured out what he’s saying yet…

Food, More, Please, Mom, Dad, Again

He is now walking up and down the stairs just using the wall for assistance. No new teeth to report. He is working on learning to share and play with others, and seems to be more interested in playing with others. He goes up and down the slide by himself. While his speech has not progressed a huge amount lately he definitely seems to suddenly understand a LOT more of what we say.

Six more months until he turns TWO! AAAAH!