A Capitol Fourth

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY from the nation’s capitol! What better place to commemorate our nations birthday than Washington DC? Yesterday Jen and I saw the Parade and then waited six and a half hours to see A Capitol Fourth, which is an annual concert of the West lawn of the Capitol Building facing the National Monument. After waiting about four hours, mother Nature decided to spit on our endeavor and rain quite a bit. It rained so much people decided to go home even though they’d waited so long to see the concert.

WE on the other hand stuck it out, and well worth our efforts proved the show. We saw such talents as Jerry Lee Lewis (amazingly still alive and more amazingly still able to play the piano and sing), Huey Lewis and the News, and American Idols Taylor Hicks. Lastly the National Symphony Orchestra played the 1812 Overture while the biggest fireworks show in the country went off right over the National Monument. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Afterward, the Metro was so crowded that we had to stand huddled together in a corner of the train all the way back to our car. Check out our flickr account for lots of pictures of the parade and the Capitol Building.

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