Life goes on…

Have you ever gone for a run and felt like you were moving so slowly but then looked back over your shoulder and the point where you started is much further away than you had imagined it would be? That is the best metaphor that I can think of for what my life feels like right now. Each and every day drags and yet at the end of the month I can’t seem to figure out where all those days went!

Work has been insane. Remember the boss that I talked about? The really nice lady who made a terrible manager? Well she had been working at our facility for 12 years and a month after I started working, she put in a four weeks notice. I thought for a little while that this would make life a little better…I was sorely mistaken. Within our department there is supposed to be a boss and three staff. When I started work there were two staff members who had just quit. I replaced both of them as there were no other applications for the position. After being poorly trained, I attempted to take over two people’s positions. As you can imagine it has only resulted in stress. Now that the boss has been gone for a month, life is all the more stressful. The two of us are trying to do the work of four and we are getting stretched thin. The worst part is that our wonderful residents have not been too forgiving about the situation. They continue to comment on how there “used to be so many good activities in this place!” We try to explain that we have to get a lot of things done and we had to cut back…to no avail.
But there is a light…finally after weeks of no applicants, we had a downpour of them and have now hired a new director and staff member who will start on Sept 8th (hopefully…we have had one fall through before…) Even then though, we will be responsible for training them. I only hope I can train the new staff better than I was trained.

I fluctuate between being really super motivated and seeing a lot of potential in my job to feeling completely beat and just wanting to give up and quit. I guess the main thing that keeps me there is the fact that there aren’t many jobs around here. I’ll keep looking though.

Long story short…we haven’t blogged much because time has slipped right out from under us and suddenly another month has passed and we didn’t even know it began. We did a few fun things this month such as go to the beach (where for the sake of his portfolio Nick made me climb out on some slippery rocks into the pounding waves of the ocean, to get a good shot) and the Baltimore aquarium. We’ve also been on the hunt for a cute beagle to call our own…no luck yet. And of course, through it all Nick has been there with his camera, working on getting some good shots for his portfolio.

As far as Nick’s job goes…We still haven’t heard where we will be stationed after Nick’s graduation from his training here on Sept 29. I guess we might not know until the week he graduates…good old army. I’m beginning to develop a love/hate relationship with the army.

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  1. Hey Jen! It was good to hear from you! I love your blog and you two have some awesome picures! I can’t believe all the equipment Nick got- my husband is so jealous!
    Good luck at your new job! Sounds rough. You’ll do great wherever you end up! Hey- you could have a future in modeling by the time your husband gets done with you! 🙂
    Trust me, as a photographer’s wife, you’re always in the picture- so have fun! By the way I love the pics of you in the forest! Amazing!

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