Zoey the Beagle

The past week of our lives has been completely filled with our new long eared, pooping cutie. She is an 8 wk old beagle puppy and we absolutely couldn’t resist when we saw her at the puppy store. We’ve been looking for a puppy/dog for awhile so we had become all too eager and this was the cutest face we’d seen in awhile!

To update on last weekend, Saturday we went to Colonial Beach in VA with some of Nick’s army buds. The beach wasn’t anything to rave about but the town was so cute. They call it the “golf cart town” because everyone there drives golf carts. They have some tricked out golf carts with lift kits and sweet paint jobs. It was an unexpected quirkiness of this historic little town.

Sunday we used the free ticket I got from work for the “governor’s volunteer appreciation day at the MD state fair”. We watched a really funny pig race where the last round of the race was the pot belly pigs and they ran soooo slow it was hilarious. Then we looked at all the 4-H animals, saw the baby animals display, watched a few horse races, ate a funnel cake and a huge turkey leg drumstick and watched all the crazy people that only come out at the state fair. On our way home we made that fateful stop at the puppy store and our lives have been filled with Zoey ever since.

While we did pay a bit much for our purebred baby, Nick has decided that “you get what you paid for” certainly applies with her. She does not bark when we are gone, she is practically potty trained and follows us without even needing a leash. It’s almost like someone already trained her. Of course, her beagle instinct kicks in and when she is on the “smell trail” she hardly hears a word we say, so we’ll have to work on that. We’re hoping to train her well enough that she can certify as a therapy dog so that I can bring her into wherever I work. That’s one of the perks of being a recreational therapist, I use therapy animals sometimes so if my dog is one of them, I can take her to work. It’ll be awhile, but that’s my ideal outcome for Zoey.

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