Oregon Vacation

I spent this last week in Oregon staying at a cute little cabin on the beach in Lincoln City with my family (minus my hubby). Seeing as how I still have not replaced the job I lost over a month ago, I figured I had the time. Actually, my wonderful husband convinced me that I needed to get out of the house, which was true. Oregon was cold and rainy but still fun.
It was my first time seeing my new niece, Mersadie, who is now 5 months old. She’s a cutie!

My Mom, Dad, little brother Taylor, Sister Nicole, Her husband Dustin and two kids and my grandparents were all there. We went to the aquarium, the Tillamook cheese factory and walked around on the beach. Thanks for a fun weekend everybody! And thank you Nick for making me go and the wonderful welcome home!

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  1. Hold the phone!!! JEN!! You are pregnant too?! My husband loves your ticker. We are not fans of the one everyone else always uses, ya know, the creepy floating baby. But yours is awesome, I may just have to copy that. I’m so excited for you guys!! Yay!! I hope you aren’t feeling to sick.

  2. ARE YOU PREGNANT!!!??? Congrats! That’s so exciting! What happened with your job? At least you have a bunch of free time now to go on fun trips- that’s always nice.

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