we need your opinion

Alright people…recently Nick has decided that he has found his “photo face”. I completely disagree…and I need a second opinion to convince him. So if you read this, please comment. (Those of you that don’t have a blog can comment! Just click on the comments thing at the bottom and comment anonymously but sign your name.)

Which do you like better? (Keep in mind that these are not photo-shopped and they may not be the best pictures photographically speaking and I look like a dufus in #2…we’re just looking at his face here.)


# 2:
Poor Zoey was freezing cold the whole time cuz she jumped into the water silly thing!

4 Replies to “we need your opinion”

  1. I like the lighting and his face better in #2, but his head is chopped just slightly.
    You and Zoey look way cute in #1. Sorry, I know you said just Nick’s face- but I do a lot of Mark’s post processing and editing on his pictures so I couldn’t help but notice the rest!

  2. From a strictly professional point of view, the female model in the first picture posing with the small hairy creature has a great smile, the male speciman in photo #1 seems to be upset that the camera’s auto timer mode has malfunctioned again, thus creating a less than desirable result in the top of the body region… also known as the face. Photo #2 on the other hand it fantastic for the male specimen, with a great smile, regardless of the chopped head, a great shot for the male, the female and the strange furry thing… the picture says enough, I hope that my highly experienced professional opinion has been of use. You can send me a check, cash or money order.

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