Pregnancy update

Since announcing that I was pregnant I haven’t really talked about it. So here’s an update! Yes, I am starting to show and no I will not be putting up a picture just yet! I feel like I’m in that stage where people can’t tell yet that I’m pregnant I just look a little fat in the tummy. When I sit down I have to unbutton my pants or else I’m really uncomfortable. I’ve started experimenting with using hair bands around that top button of my jeans to give it a little more stretch.

Bad smells still make me want to vomit, but for the most part I’m over the nausea. I really only lost my cookies (actually it was usually pancakes, strange) 4-5 times, but I felt like I was going to lose them all the time! Lately my biggest problem is I only feel rested when I’ve had 10-12 hrs of sleep, and sometimes even then I want more sleep! Nick gets up at 6 am and I spend a lot longer than that sleeping in! It makes me feel a little lazy…but I’m not sure that even if I had a reason to get up early (like a job) that I would get up!

Our next doctor’s appointment in next Monday, after that appointment we get to schedule our ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby…hopefully we’ll squeeze it in before Christmas! I keep telling Nick though that if they tell me it’s a girl I’m not going to believe them…you just never know!

As far as cravings…sometimes I would swear that Nick is the one that is pregnant! He craves things way more than I do…and he won’t stop asking for it until he gets it. This past month was terrible on our budget, Nick was constantly craving some restaurant. And of course, I’d go with him! I’m pretty sure he’s just decided that he likes the whole “sympathy pregnancy” thing. Hopefully it’ll help him put on a little weight, he needs to!
And that’s it for today’s baby update!

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  1. I remember those days all too well! Mark definately had some sympathy symptoms as well and did put on weight! He he. I wish boys would get some of the not so fun symptoms like swollen legs, aching back, not able to sleep and that stuff. Don’t have any of that yet? Oh you’ll get there! Sorry! 😉

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