Thanksgiving in New York

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This was our first Thanksgiving being married. Since there are only two of us I decided against cooking a whole feast and we went to the “chow hall” on base where the officers were serving a full Thanksgiving meal. My favorite part? They had chocolate milk!
Then on Friday, Nick and I headed to New York City to see my good friend Rachel who was home for the holidays (she lives in Colorado, I met her while doing my internship there). And of course, to see New York. Friday we went to town, saw time square, walked around the fashion district and topped off our evening with dinner and a broadway show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nick so excited. We saw “The Young Frankenstein” it was amazing. The set was incredible and the music was great. Nick had this look on his face like it was Christmas morning through the whole show. Walking around the city was overwhelming (especially considering it was black Friday so there were A LOT of people!). All the Christmas decorations were up though so it was fun to see all the lights and the Macy’s window display and the huge Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center. Yay for Christmas coming soon! (For those of you who love the movie ELF as much as I do, here is a picture of the skating rink where they go skating and the huge Christmas tree that she shows Buddy, with the amazing crystal star on top. There were HUGE cables holding this tree up, it’s big.)
Saturday Rachel took us around Long Island (where she lives) to some local spots including a cute little town called “Lloyd village” and the close by “Woodbury”. We took a walk down this cute path to this huge historic mansion on a hill. For dinner, Nick and I had some authentic New York pizza.
Sunday morning we drove home. And instead of taking 3 hrs like it did to get there, it took us 8 hours! But we made it, and we were glad we went. I hadn’t realized how much I missed Rachel! Plus it was really fun to meet her family, they are such a nice family and were very good to us.

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