Hoity Toity

This last week was “restaurant week” in Baltimore. Ton’s of restaurants participate and charge only $30 for a three course meal. So of course, we went through and picked out the most expensive Italian restaurant in the Little Italy section of town and decided to celebrate valentine’s day early (since Nick will be gone for a training on Valentine’s day anyways.)
It was of course, wonderful. But there are a few little things about fancy pants restaurants that I don’t favor. It seems, that the more expensive the food is, the less you get of it. Normally when I think Italian, I think a BIG plate of food. While this was solved by the fact that there were three courses (I don’t think I’ve EVER had three courses at a restaurant!) it is still a little annoying to look down at your sparse plate. The other funny quirk about expensive restaurants is that everyone is very quiet, and the tables seem to be extra long. So if you want to talk to your significant other way over there, you can almost guarantee that everyone around you can easily hear you. Not to say that I like the really rowdy restaurants, but a little noise puts me at ease.
So the moral of the story is…a hoity toity place is fun every now and then, but I think I’m just too “country” to go there too often. But yes, the food was oooh so good. Happy early Valentine’s day!

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