Is it for real???

Ok so…we went to the hospital and they declared me in labor this morning. I am having contractions every three minutes and I’m dilated to a 4. And it’s been more than twelve hours of all this and what am I doing? Hanging out at home. Why? Because it just doesn’t hurt. I don’t want to hang our at the hospital for no good reason…so I’m waiting. So far this labor stuff is pretty easy! 😉 Supposedly all this means that the baby will be here soon, but it really doesn’t feel like it. But hey, if he’s born in April then the birthstone is diamond! So I’m voting we get this baby out by midnight tomorrow.

8 Replies to “Is it for real???”

  1. Jen! I haven’t seen you in forever… CONGRATS on the pregnancy! I can’t believe that you are just hanging out while you are in laber… I’m pretty sure that is unheard of.

    Best of luck! I can’t wait to see more pictures.


  2. Just you wait. Real labor is not “easy”! No really though, good luck! I’m glad you’re not in pain. Can’t wait to see newborn pictures! 😉 I love the new header picture of you two! Soooooo cute!

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