The first few weeks…

The first family photo! (still at the hospital)

Getting ready to go home

He loves being on his tummy.

First bath at home with mom and grandma.

Changing diapers…lot’s of diapers. We have almost used the whole box of newborns!

Getting ready to go to church with Grandma. Cute little golfer outfit, haha.

He’s a very serious baby.

3 Replies to “The first few weeks…”

  1. Cute pictures, I like the one of him laying on his stomach with his arms crossed. And the little church outfit is so cute on him. I think boys are fun to dress up too.

  2. I was just thinking, MAN! When am I going to see more pics of Jonah and then I remembered you went private. He is so tiny and cute! I love seeing you as a mom. You are beautiful!

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