Jonah’s Room!

Jonah’s room is finally complete! With lot’s of help from Grandma and Grandma, it looks amazing!

The blue dresser was a curbside find, with some new drawer pulls and blue paint, it looks good as new. The rocking chair I got off craigslist for $25. The big leaf over the chair, pictures on the wall and the rug are from Ikea. Border from walmart.

Curtains and crib skirt were sewn by Grandma Julie…very cute. Crib was found on craigslist (originally $900 canadian designer Morigeau Lepine, love it! Got it for 1/4 of that!)

Painting was done by Grandma Woodbury…who knew she was such an artist?! She took a picture from a magazine and duplicated the tree…so cute.

My sister took up quilt making and gave me her very first one! This quilt inspired all the colors in the room!

My Mom found the changing table on the curb…great find!

Grandma Julie sewed a changing table pad, using fabric to match the quilt. Plus she found the perfect baskets to put on it!

And this is Nick’s panoramic view of the room…hard to do without a fisheye lense!

And a special thanks to one amazing visiting teacher, Tiffany, who let me borrow her sewing machine AND donated a crib mattress to me!

All in all, I pretty much did nothing in this room…so THANK YOU!!! to everyone!!!
And I’m pretty sure Jonah likes it too…

6 Replies to “Jonah’s Room!”

  1. WOW! Love it, love it, love it! That is so fun to see all the love/time everyone put into that. Couldn't be any cuter. Jonah is growing already! Ah, this is happening to fast.

  2. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I can't believe how cute that all turned out. Everyone did such a great job! I love decorating rooms, infact I just picked out some stuff to redo Carson's room and make a room for Mersadie. Hopefully they were turn out as cute as Jonahs!

  3. OMG that is such an ADORABLE room for your little guy! I totally love it! Makes me want to do some extra decorating in Akira's room. Love love LOVE the crib! Way to be a savvy shopper!

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