Baby shower in Idaho…

We all had to wear silly name tags and call each other by the names…my mom’s was “stretch marks”

Me holding the fake baby, talking on the phone, and hanging the laundry.

Blind folded diaper change, go Gladys!

Sippy cup race…Marty tried to squeeze the sippy cup to go faster! oops!

Friends from High School, Amanda and Julie.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who came!
And a BIG THANK YOU to my Mom and Sister for putting it all together…Nicole prepared some of the most creative baby shower games ever!
I don’t know enough people here in Maryland to be able have a baby shower so this meant a lot to me.

3 Replies to “Baby shower in Idaho…”

  1. Awe! That is so fun. I'm totally with ya on not being able to throw a baby shower where I live. How awesome to do it in Moscow with tons of old friends. I'm sure they all loved seeing you and Jonah.

  2. I am so bummed I wasn't able to come to your shower. Darn work! Hopefully next time you are in town we will be able to get together. You look great and I love your hair.

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