Marriage retreat

We spent this last weekend on a marriage retreat in Williamsburg VA. They did some marriage communication classes and also had some free time to explore. We started off the retreat by doing a fire drill at 4 AM at the hotel! Someone decided it would be fun to set off the fire alarm. I’ve never experienced a hotel middle of the night fire drill…so that was fun, I guess.

For our free time on Saturday we decided to go to Jamestown. The very first settlement in America! On display there they have replicas of the ships that brought the people to the settlement…the susan constant, discover and godspeed.

Jamestown is where Pocahontas met John Rolfe. It’s also where John Smith lived…but unlike the disney movie, he never had a thing with Pocahontas.

Sweet Jonah, sleeping away.

Powhatan Indians (Pocahontas’ tribe!) used to make canoes like this…they would cut down the tree used FIRE! they would put clay about four feet up the trunk all the way around to stop the burning…then they’d chop the tree as it burned. They did the same thing to hollow it out. The guy manning this station was awesome…he was so into it. He even had prescription colonial glasses, I wish I’d gotten a picture!

Replica of the first settlement. (There was also an Indian village but I didn’t get pictures.)

Super cool hat that we didn’t buy.

Then we headed to Yorktown for a stroll on the beach. Lovely.

Except for the jellyfish.

Oh yeah, and we learned how to better communicate as a couple 🙂

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