Last Day with the Hunters

As the Hunters made their way to New York to see Dustin’s brother Charlie, they stopped in Philadelphia. I’ve never been there so I decided to tag along. The first hour in the city we spent attempting to park and getting honked at A LOT…the streets are very narrow and the drivers are insane! So that was an adventure all by itself.

Once we had finally parked, our next goal was to find a good place to get a cheese steak. It was about 4pm. After filling our tummies with the local favorite, we decided to go see some historic stuff…but then we realized it was 4:45 and…

So we rushed to the Liberty Bell and were the last ones to be allowed in. Here I am in the last picture to be taken that day (thank you Nicole!) as the park rangers yelled at us to clear out.

Then we went for a stroll…we saw the outside of the Betsy Ross house.

Ben Franklin’s grave (a VERY accomplished man…there was a sign that said everything he did and I was impressed!) I couldn’t figure out why people would toss pennies on his grave when he is on the $100…but I looked it up and I guess it’s because the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned” is attributed to him. But in the same article they had a funny new quote…”a penny tossed is a penny lost!”

We also strolled down “Elfreth’s Alley”…the nation’s oldest continuously occupied street.(Since 1702!) It was very cute.

Overall I like Philly…Nick and I will have to go back sometime!(Sometime from 10-5!)

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