912 Protest

Nick and I decided to go check out a protest in DC that my Mom and my Aunt Amy were thinking about coming to (but didn’t). It was a pretty big protest, they called it the 912 project. It was hard to tell what they were really protesting…mostly they were all conservatives and don’t like what Obama is up to. Nick put together a sweet little documentary on the protest using the new CANON (gasp!) that his company now has. He is pretty excited about this Canon because it takes full 1080p video but it looks like a photo camera…which means it’s much easier to schlep than a regular video camera!
We took the metro into DC to avoid all the crazy parking…it was Jonah’s first time on the metro!

A good husband will carry your purse when your arm gets too tired…no matter how silly he looks. Although in his new jacket he looks like a model…even though he can’t lift his arms. Love you hubster!

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