Ladew Topiary Gardens

Saturday was national “Museum Day”. Participating museums offered free entrance across the nation. We decided to check out the Ladew Topiary Gardens. When we first moved here, a woman I worked with in Baltimore told me that I needed to put it on my list of must-sees. Normally it costs $13 per person. So free was a good price!

The garden was beautiful. Not quite what I was imagining, but beautiful nonetheless. There was a rose garden, a berry garden (for the birds), a white garden, a yellow garden, a pink garden, a topiary garden and lot’s of others I can’t think of. Basically some guy named Ladew inherited a lot of money from his parents’ leather business and so he moved to Maryland where he could enjoy his favorite sport, fox hunting. He bought this farm from a family that had been farming it for 200 years and he decided it would be fun to turn the whole thing into a European style garden. He was never married or had any kids so when he died he donated the whole thing as a museum. It makes me wonder what I would do if I had a lot of money and never had to work. I think I would travel a lot…Nick says he would buy a boat and a lake house and spend all his time writing.

I am learning how to use Nick’s camera, so all the pictures you see in this post were taken by me using the Nikon. The picture below is my favorite one that I took at the gardens.

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