Hit the road!

My Dad flew in to the Dulles airport last night to begin our journey across the country. We drove to Frederick and stayed at a Motel 6 (they always take pets with no fee!) In the morning we ate at Einstein bagels and stopped at a Chevy place that had a Corvette ZR1, which apparently is very cool so my Dad had to go see it. Then we were off, or so we thought. The car had a shake to it so we decided to stop in Hagerstown MD and have the tires checked. They balanced them and THEN we were on our way.

We stopped in Somerset PA to see an antique store. We also ate at Wendy’s and met a crazy old man who seemed to think it was ok to ask complete strangers personal questions from across the restaurant so that everyone could listen in. It takes all types I suppose!

After making all of our morning stops, we finally got serious and drove late into the evening and made it to Crawfordsville Indiana where we stayed at another motel 6.

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